Nigeria’s Lagos Among World’s Cheapest Cities

Nigeria’s commercial city, Lagos is one of the 10 cheapest cities in the world, according to he Economist Intelligence Unit’s bi-annual survey.

US Detects Huge Meteor Explosion

A huge fireball exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere in December, according to Nasa. The...

Ethiopian Airlines: Who Are The Victims?

Passengers from more than 30 countries were on board the Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi that crashed on Sunday,...

Nationalities Of Those Who Died On The Ethiopian Airlines Flight

Ethiopian Airlines says it believes 149 passengers and eight crew members were on board a plane that crashed six minutes after taking...

Many Feared Dead After Ethiopian Airlines Flight To Nairobi Crashes

An Ethiopian Airlines flight between Addis Ababa and Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, has crashed, the Ethiopian prime minister’s office said on Sunday.