GRA Seizes Truckloads Of Coca-Cola Products Over Lack Of Tax Stamps


The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) on Tuesday seized truckloads of products belonging to the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Ghana Limited.

The confiscation was part of the GRA’s nationwide compliance enforcement of the excise tax stamp law in accordance with the Tax Stamp Act, 2013, Act 873.

In recent months, the Authority has been on the hunt for companies who sell out their products without tax stamps.

Compliance officers from GRA made a stop at the Coca-Cola Company at

Spintex and grounded some trucks from making any distributions because the products had no tax stamps.

Speaking in an interview, leader of the compliance team, Spio Abaidoo, said the GRA will “make sure that any product that they have manufactured, which is going outside the premises, which is not affixed, we are going to stop that product”.

“So far, no product has moved out [of the factory] but we have spotted some products in there that will be moving out but they don’t have them [tax stamps]. So, we know that the violation is already in place,” he added.

Mr. Abaidoo lamented the reluctance of some companies to comply with the Tax Stamp Act, 2013, Act 873.

According to him, the GRA will continue to be vigilant to ensure that no product without tax stamps will go onto the market.

He revealed that the GRA’s compliance team will also be visiting other major companies in the country to do their checks, adding that sanctions will be dished out to companies that flout the directive.

“After seizing it, we will leave it with management to take it up but as far as the team is here, our mandate is to make sure that the products that are going out for sale are affixed [with tax stamps]. If they are not affixed, we are stopping it to make sure they do,” Mr. Abaidoo affirmed.


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