Salma Mumin Allegedly Went For ‘Juju’ To Drain Money From Men


On noticeable comments from many of our slay queens/’ashawobrities’, they always love to boast on how they are ‘entrepreneurs’ whenever questions are thrown on them about how they manage to finance their affluent lifestyles considering how dead the movie industry is.

These slay queens are well-known to be people who travel around the world, drive the latest cars and live ‘big’ meanwhile some of them can go a full year without appearing in any commercially successful movie or advertising operation.

Well, the open secret that has been on the mouth of many is that they trade their bodies to finance their high élite lifestyles and then hide behind a less than profitable ‘business’ they claim to own.

The latest soul to be ‘pointed out’ for allegedly living such a lifestyle is actress Salma Mumin, whom an unexpected allegation has been drowned around by an IG user who has ‘revealed’ some of her trade secrets.

In a comment spotted by on Instagram, this user claims that Salma and Moesha have both been traveling to Benin for ‘juju’ to enable them charm men and ‘chop’ all their money.

However, it all started with a post from the famous IG page ‘thosecalledcelebs’ which called Salma Mumin out to answer her means for her extravagant lifestyle and she commented that she’s not chopping any man’s money but what she makes from her own hard work.

After some minutes, Mumin erased the comment which incited a conversation ending with one user declaring doubt over Mumin’s claim that she’s depending on her own hard earn money.


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