FEATURE: Dr. Bawumia Is Just A Paper Tiger


    A larger portion of our academic work is dependent rote learning without consideration of other factors. Most of our learning process lay emphasis on the storage of information without paying attention to understanding of its meanings.

    Surprisingly, these informations are either irrelevant to us or archaic.

    Interestingly, our vice president Dr Mahamudu Bawumia may seem to be towing this line of unresponsive data as far as our economy is concerned. His inability to pre – determine the fall of the cedi is yawning gap that leaves much to be desired. It may be an understatement that there is something wrong with the interpretation of the national data by our Veep.

    Is it that he is only good at the quotation of theorems, without having the grasp of the true meanings? In my early years in the academic institutions, I became dazed at the pupils who could quote verbatim certain memory gerunds.

    But my class teacher made me aware that the understanding of what you know is of very much importance.

    That gave me the sound foundation of my early days of seeking knowledge. Thus, in my every endeavor of my academic pursuit I made it a point to make understanding the corner stone in whatever I learn and quote.

    Hence I am appealing to our vice president to demonstrate his understanding of what he quotes especially in the case of the strength of the cedi.

    It is my dire wish that his economic explanations should be brought to bear on the Ghanaian economy. The economic theorems should have meanings in our economic situations.

    Theses economic ideals should be explained away and made relevance to the Ghanaian economy.

    These economic factors must be made to solve our economic woes and identify our economic strengths. The time has come for Ghana as a country to actualize our potential in the economic development agenda.

    In this wise, we should try hard to domesticate these economic structures to our advantage. We should be able to establish the co – relation between the economic ideals and the factors affecting the national economy.

    Thus make meanings out of the economic jungle in which we find ourselves. This will help enhance the progressive effort at reaching the ultimate goal of our economic development.

    At best our Vice President should be able bring his economic pontification to salvage our ailing economy.

    There is no doubt that knowledge is good but knowledge which does not have beneficial value is useless. It’s high time that our PhD holder Veep reeks in the benefits of economic potential to our advantage.

    In August 2018,Ghana did well in making reasonable gains in the foreign exchange earnings to the tune of about $1.3bn.

    The failure of the NPP government to use this advantage of balance of trade surplus to strengthen the cedi leaves much to be desired. From the records the required funds for the monthly imports is $1.1bn .it stands to reason that those in charge should’ve been able to provide the needed cash. This is a serious pit fall which shows that our technocrats are sleeping on the job.

    And it is economic short sightedness which should not have happened and those in charge must be punished. Especially the people at the bank of Ghana who are incharge of our foreign exchange platform

    For him to attain the accolade LEGEND and to be conferred on him, he must develop his own economic ideas. If he is able to propound his own economic ideals relevant in solving our economic issues, then I think he would have earned the legendary status.

    In propounding new economic ideas and applying the existing ones to solve our economic difficulties, would make him scholar par excellence. In that state he would have exceeded many an authority who established the rules of the economic norms.

    This is because he will be one of those who will have the luxury of propounding economic theorems and practicingt the same time. Hence, one becomes a paper tiger by fervently following, explaining and quoting mere economic ideologies without implementing them.

    Writer: Wofa Clement Kyeremanteng

    Social Scientist and Communicator at Hot 93.9FM


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