Prince Tsegah Explains Why ‘Kelewele’ Will Be Sherifa Gunu’s Biggest Hit Song


Few weeks ago, multiple award-winning Afro soul singer,Sherifa Gunu shocked the entire showbiz fraternity after breaking the news of her divorce with Nigerian husband Okechuku Sunday.

Sherifa Gunu who got married to Ikechukwu Sunday in 2014, and has two children with him broke the news of her divorce during an interview about her newest single track ‘Kelewele’ on Accra FM.

Though the most successful female traditional artiste did not disclose what caused her divorce with Ikechukwu Sunday, she admitted that her divorce has affected her children but swiftly added that her faith in God will see them through.

Touching on the latest Celebrity relationships scandal on his show ‘You sey Weytin’on Hitz 103.9FM, Prince Tsegah aka De Don astonishingly revealed that Sherifa Gunu’s divorce with her Nigerian husband is a blessing in disguise for her latest hit song ‘Kelewele’.

According to De Don who is also the public relation officer of Ghana Music Rights Organisation(GHAMRO), the divorce has pre-empted the ‘Kelewele’ hitmaker to realise her talent by producing a potential award-winning song like ‘Kelewele’.

“You see, chaley right now wey the divorce come she see say she get talent… Sherifa; she perform for places before oo now with this divorce she realise her talent and God works in mysterious ways…this is going to be her biggest hit so Sherifa what ever happens give thanks to God”.De Don said as monitored by

Musically, Sherifa is described by many as crowd shaker, and energetic performer when it comes to singing and dancing.

She is well-noted with hit songs such as ‘Yumiantaaba’ Mbrantie and currently promoting her new track titled, ‘Kelewele’.

‘Kelewele’ which was produced by IbeeOnDeBeatz is a song which has been dropped to take over the Ghanaian airwaves.


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