Football Is A Game For Witches – Yakubu Moro


Owner and bankroller of Brekum Arsenals Football Club, Alhaji Yakubu Moro, says football is a business purposely for witches.

This is because if you ignorantly enter and the spirit takes over you, quitting becomes a problem.

According to the CEO, football operation, in general, can make you sell all your properties and if care is not taken, you will go bankrupt since the expenditure on football always exceeds the income.

Football is a business of the witch; you can ask Alhaji Grusah; if you enter, it becomes difficult for you to quit. It might really be killing you but you cannot quit,” he noted.

When you are into football, you see so many people and makes friends also but it comes with a certain spirit which when it enters you, it becomes difficult to quit,” he added.

Brekum Arsenals, after thirteen years of premiership football, was relegated in 2013 after which it has become a herculean task for the Brong Ahafo side to play in the topflight league again.


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