NDC Wants EC To Recall IPAC Meeting


The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is asking the Electoral Commission (EC) to immediately recall its first Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting and cancel all decisions reached at the previous meeting.

A lawyer for the NDC, Lawyer Abraham Amaliba who disclosed this said the NDC was not properly invited by the EC and therefore considers themselves as having been ignored.

We have written to the EC [asking them] to recall the IPAC meeting because we see our absence as being taken for granted and so it’s appropriate that they recall and ensure that decisions are taken again at the meeting,” he said.

The IPAC meeting in question was called for discussions on the impending referendum on the creation of six new regions and the voter registration exercise.

For a meeting of such importance, Lawyer Abraham Amaliba said, his party expected better due diligence to be done.

He said the NDC would not allow the EC to be used as a puppet by any political party to serve their interest.

Describing the move as an ambush, Lawyer Amaliba said the issues discussed at the IPAC meeting were irregular and the NDC as party disassociates itself from them.


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