FUNNY VIDEO: Trotro Mate Runs Away With Passengers Money In Accra


A man who passed himself as a bus conductor (trotro mate) has bolted with money belonging to passengers in a Sprinter bus in Accra.

Recounting the incident on Hot 93.9FM’s Mid-day news, Mabel Owusua Opoku,a journalist at Hot FM who was a passenger in the Sprinter bus,stated that the vehicle which was fully loaded was en route to Ofankor barrier but upon reaching Kwame Nkrumah Circle, the mate collected the fare of the passengers but alighted from the vehicle when they arrived at Achimota to go and look for change amidst pressure from passengers.

“We boarded a vehicle from Adabraka going to Ofankor barrier and when we got to Circle, the mate began collecting the fares, so I gave him five cedis because from Adabraka to Barrier is GH¢ 2.80 so he was to give me a change of GH¢2.20 but after collecting all his fares, we asked him for our change and he said he did not have any yet so we were on the road for a while and when we got to Achimota, he alighted from the vehicle to ask his colleagues if he could get change but he came back into the vehicle without any change after which he got off again after a while when there was traffic from there we did not see him.”

But according to Mabel, the driver who was not aware that his mate had not changed the passengers and had run off–  waited for a while for the mate to return, only to confess to the passengers that he did not know the imposter trotro mate but had to use him due to the absence of his own mate.

“The driver who didn’t know the mate had not given us our change yet had to park and wait for him but then he did not return so the driver had to give us our change from his own money including a woman who had paid for her fare with fifty Ghana CEDI’s… The driver later told us that he did not know the guy but only used him as his mate for the day because his mate did not come to work.” Mabel added .

Kindly watch Mabel narrate her ordeal in the video below!


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