AUDIO: NSS Chase Employees Who Failed To Offer Service To The Nation


National Service Scheme (NSS) has set a task force to sensitize employees on the effects of not offering service to the Nation after obtaining a tertiary certificate.

Director of Public Affairs at National Service Scheme, David Prah who disclosed this to Adom News said, some Ghanaian Nationals who are eligible for the mandatory national service do not fulfill this obligation but still gain employment.

He added Section 7 of the NSS Act 426 (1980) states that a person who has not commenced and completed his period of  national service shall not obtain employment outside the Scheme be employed by any other person outside the Scheme be engaged in any employment outside the Scheme, whether self- employed or otherwise, without the prior permission.

David Prah stated the aim of this exercise is to encourage employees who have not fulfilled their national service to do so but not chase them out of their offices.

David Prah said after the sensitization, persons who fail to corporate will be dealt with by the law.

He says the sanctions for these people are a fine and jail sentence.


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