PHOTOS: WeWrite Ghana To Train People To Become Entrepreneurs


WeWrite Ghana, one of the fastest growing communication firms  who in resent times has taken a keen interest in entrepreneurship in Ghana come this August will be training people to become entrepreneurs.

The company in January this year, launched its first project on entrepreneurship, ‘ENTREPRENEUR HUNT’ to uncover Ghanaian entrepreneurs who in their own small way are doing great things in the country. The project has given a lot of deserving entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their ideas and businesses with the world on


, a business and entrepreneurship web magazine owned by the company.

After a successful run of the their first project, the company is set to launch its second project dubbed: ‘THE ENTERPRISE TRAIN’ an entrepreneurship training and mentorship project which is aimed at equipping the youth with the necessary entrepreneurial skills to start their own businesses. The project which will run from 1st August 2018 to 21st December 2018 will include the following free courses:

1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
2.Building Your Brand
3. Bookkeeping
4. Customer Service
5. Investment for Small Businesses
6. Understanding Social Media
7. Conducting Business Legally
8. Marketing & Sales for Small Businesses

Participants will also be given the opportunity to enroll for any of the following vocational courses at a fee.

1. Bead Making
2. Makeup
3. Wig Caps & Braids
4. Hats & Fascinators
5. Fashion & Design (Male)
6. Fashion & Design (Female)
7. Alata Samina (Golden & Black) Production
8. Washing Powder Production
9. Detergent (Parozone) Production
10. Liquid Soap & Shower Gel Production
11. Bar Soap Production
12. Cake Making & Decoration
13. Soya milk & Soya Kebab Production
14. Palm Oil Production
and many more…

Participants after successfully completing their preferred courses will be given certificates and enrolled on a mentorship program to help guide them through the process of starting and growing their own businesses.

For more information, kindly call or WhatsApp 026 966 6001 / 054 361 4679


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