Knii Lante, Blakk Rasta And Fatau Keita For MASA Festival


Blakk Rasta, Knii Lante and Fatau Keita will represent Ghana at the prestigious Market for African Performing Arts Festival (MASA), which is scheduled to take place in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan.

The three Ghanaian artistes are part of some selected African and international artistes billed to rock the stage during the festival, which is billed as one of the world’s largest music festivals in the African continent.
Knii Lante, Blakk Rasta and Fatau Keita will set out their vision of musical success and share their expertise with some of the participants.

They will join over 70 music, dance and theatre groups alongside poets, storytellers, slammers and street artists from all over Africa and the diaspora.

A medical officer, songwriter and composer, Knii Lante, who is largely regarded as a reggae musician, has composed and recorded tunes that embrace a wide variety of genres.

His 16-track album titled ‘Love & Revolution’ contains ballads and pop-flavoured compositions.

Renowned for reggae with conscious lyrics, Blakk Rasta has introduced a new synthesis he calls ‘Kuchoko’, which is reggae music blended with indigenous African rhythms and jungle sounds alongside instruments such as xylophone, talking drums and others.

A vocalist with an amazing musical expression and intense stage performance, Fatau Keita’s live concerts constantly exude intense energy along with a magnetic stagecraft.

He has performed to cheering audiences in various parts of Ghana and a number of African countries.

With one album titled ‘Selina’ and a number of singles to his credit, Keita’s music is a blend of traditional Dagomba styles with highlife.

MASA is a cultural platform for promoting African performing arts with the objective of supporting creativity/ good quality productions, facilitating movement of artists and their works within Africa and the world while training artistes and key professionals in the production fields.


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