NPP Man Burns Party Paraphernalia In Protest Of Poor Treatment


A video has emerged on Facebook of a man burning what appeared to be the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) paraphernalia.

The man, believed to be coming from Asante Mampong and speaking fluent Twi, was seen in the video vowing not to have anything to do with the NPP again.

A text accompanying the video names the guys as “JJ aka Akufo Addo Abonoma”

He claimed in the video that he has used his “own megaphone to move from area to area, campaigning for the New Patriotic Party from opposition till now.”

Some of the items he burnt included his crafted elephant and other NPP-branded clothes.

He also alleged in the video that executives in office at the constituency are sharing the little jobs available to their family members.


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